Daily Treatments Provide Proven Dry Eye Relief

Daily five minute applications of moist heat are recommended by doctors to relieve dry eyes. Moist heat is preferred over dry heat because of its ability to penetrate deeply and more quickly at lower temperatures than dry heat.

Moist heat treatments warm up the special glands around your eye to allow the lubricant sebum to flow more easily into your tears. The sebum mixed with your tears slows tear evaporation and keeps eyes well hydrated and refreshed.

Moist Heat treatments the Old-Fashioned Way:

  • Moisten a clean washcloth with warm water.
  • Close eyes and place a warmed washcloth on eyelids for about 5 minutes.
  • Keep reheating the washcloth as necessary.
  • Repeat several times daily.

The New easier and more effective Way:

The New Thermalon Dry Eye Relief Compress safely, effectively and conveniently provides a proven natural and drug-free way to help maintain proper healthy eye moisture.

Thermalon Dry Eye Relief Compress

Microwave Activated

  • Deeply Penetrating Moist Heat
  • Ready in Seconds
  • Naturally Hydrating (added water never necessary)
  • Clean Moist Heat
  • Soft Conforming Design
  • Non Allergenic
  • Dust Free
  • Washable/Reusable
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