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Fall Injuries and How to Treat Them

Be prepared for the upcoming season of falls, sprains, and scrapes

School is back in season and the leaves are starting to turn! Yes, Halloween is on the horizon and fall is in the air! As the heat of summer leaves us for crisp, cool afternoons, fall sports and outdoor activities are on the rise. Along with this uptick in activity comes the associated sprains, strains and bruises.. Be ready to tackle injuries that occur in your household with these must know natural pain relief tips and tricks!

Save the Day with Cold Therapy Products

An injury has occurred and it’s time to act fast! The first few minutes after an accident happens are the most critical After a painful fall, a twisted ankle, or a searing scrape, blood rushes to the scene. Our bodies trigger a natural inflammatory response, sending white blood cells and chemicals and to help fight bacterial or viral infection. This rush of cells causes redness and swelling, and this bombardment of stimulation to our nerves causes pain.

Reduce the body’s natural inflammatory response by applying a cold therapy product to the site of your injury. An application of cold causes the blood cells to constrict, offering natural relief from painful inflammation and swelling. Plus, cold therapy “numbs” the nerve endings and reduces pain during application. Thermalon’s cold therapy products are designed for effective targeted treatment. Keep the Thermalon First Aid Pad in the freezer for small scrapes, twisted ankles, or sprained wrists.

Expedite Healing with Moist Heat Therapy Products

The application of a cold compress is essential during the 48 hours immediately following an injury. After 48 hours , the use of moist heat therapy products can help expedite the healing process. Moist Heat Therapy Products stimulate the return of oxygen-rich blood to the area of injury and help repair damaged muscle tissue. Healthy blood flow to the site of an injury will also help flush any remaining chemicals from the tissue that could be causing inflammation. Keep a Thermalon Pain Relief Wrap on hand to hurry up the healing process after Fall’s inevitable accidental injuries.

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