Thermalon Shoulder Pain Relief

Natural Relief for Shoulder Pain

Soothe Chronic and Acute Shoulder Pain with Moist Heat

What we think of as our shoulder is actually a complex series of muscles, joints, and tendons that provide a wide range of arm motion. The complicated anatomy of the shoulder makes it prone to injury and accident. Shoulder pain can be acute, as in the instance of an accident,  athletic injury, or chronic pain, as caused by arthritis, tendinitis or instability. Whether your shoulder pain is caused by an athletic injury or chronic condition you can obtain natural pain relief by using Thermalon’s moist heat and cold therapy products.

Treat Acute Shoulder Pain with Cold Therapy

Did your shoulder pain start suddenly after an athletic accident or strange muscular movement? You are most likely experiencing acute, or temporary, pain. Acute pain is caused by inflammation in the muscles and tendons of an affected area. Due to the complexity of the joint, there are a lot of muscles and tendons that can get injured and inflamed. Soothe acute pain with Thermalon’s First Aid Compress. The patented non-gel matrix pad releases touch-safe cold that naturally reduces painful inflammation.

Tendons and Chronic Shoulder Pain

The function of a tendon is to connect muscles to bone. People with tendonitis or arthritis experience pain as a result of the tendons slowly wearing down over time. The symptoms can be acute, caused by activity, or the result of a chronic degenerative disease. Shoulder pain caused by tendonitis and arthritis are most often caused by the four small muscles and tendons that comprise the rotator cuff.

Treat Chronic Shoulder Pain with Moist Heat Therapy

If your shoulder pain is chronic, or persistent, you can obtain natural relief with Thermalon’s moist heat therapy products. These moist heat therapy pads utilize our patented HydroPearl technology to capture moisture from the surrounding air and deliver a deep penetrating therapeutic heat without wires, plugs, or water. Simply place the Thermalon Pain Relief Wrap in the microwave for 60-90 seconds and enjoy 30 minutes of soothing moist heat and natural pain relief.

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