Thermalon Moist Heat Heating Pad

Natural Foot Pain Relief Products

Moist Heat Therapy Relieves Cold, Sore Feet

Foot pain is a common issues affecting thousands of individuals every year. The foot is a complex anatomical structure and pain can be caused by lots of internal and external factors. If your foot pain has escalated to the point of affecting your normal activities, you should seek advice from a medical professional. For natural foot pain relief, at home, consider moist heat therapy products in addition to any doctor recommended physical therapy activities or medications.

Potential Causes of Foot Pain

According to Medicine.net, soreness and pain in the feet can be caused by infectious viruses, bacteria, and fungi such as athlete’s foot, or by systemic disease like diabetes, lupus, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. Foot pain is also commonly caused by physical deformities like bunions or bone spurs. Trauma from an athletic injury, often caused by a repetitive activity like running, or improperly fitted shoes are other likely causes of foot pain.

Moist Heat Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

Moist heat therapy products offer a natural pain relief alternative for individuals suffering from foot pain. Application of a moist heat therapy product helps relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow to the area of application. The heat widens, or dilates, blood vessels to reduce muscle spasms and stimulate healthy blood circulation. It is this increase in circulation that offers natural pain relief by delivering fresh oxygen, proteins, and other nutrients to the area in pain.

Thermalon Moist Heat Heating Pad

Simply microwave the Thermalon Moist Heat Heating Pad for 60-90 seconds to experience the instant relief of moist heat therapy. Wrap the heating pad around your feet to envelope them in therapeutic , deep penetrating moist heat therapy. The Thermalon Moist Heat Heating Pad naturally stimulates increased blood flow to your feet, offering temporary relief from foot pain.

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