Thermalon - Naturally Soothe Allergy Eye

Naturally Soothe Allergy Eye

Thermalon Dry Eye Compress Hydrates Dry, Itchy Eyes

Spring is here! With green grass and longer days the burden of seasonal allergies also looms. For seasonal allergy suffers, the changing seasons can be tough on the eyes. Seasonal allergies can cause symptoms congruent with those of dry eye disease, including redness, dryness, itchiness. In fact, dry eye complaints spike in the spring in response to pollen. Temperature swings, humidity, and wind can also have an adverse effect on eye health.

Add Moisture To Your Environment

If you experience an increase in eye discomfort due to seasonal changes in humidity or allergens, adding moisture to your environment can help improve your ocular surface health. Run a humidifier at night in your bedroom while you sleep and in your living/working spaces throughout the day.

Warm Compress for Eye Hydration

The Thermalon Moist Heat Dry Eye Compress helps to naturally increase eye hydration. Simply microwave and apply to enjoy deep penetrating moist heat therapy. Thermalon’s patented HydroPearls technology captures moisture from the atmosphere and releases a therapeutic moist heat. This moist heat stimulates the natural production of tears and lipid oils, helping to naturally restore ocular surface health and reduce dry eye symptoms.

Take a Daily Allergy Medication During Peak Pollen Season

If seasonal allergies cause your dry eye symptoms to worsen, consider taking a daily allergy medication during peak pollen times, in addition to your regular dry eye treatment regimen. Of course, if your symptoms are severe, visit your eye doctor to discuss the best treatment solutions for you!

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