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Electric vs. Non-Electric Heating Pads

Dry Heat from Electric Heating Pads Compared to Moist Heat Therapy

Most of us are familiar with traditional electric heating pads; a pad with an electric cord running to an outlet producing heat when turned on. Moist heat therapy products offer an alternative to traditional electric heating pads. Moist heat products offer effective, natural pain relief without plugs, cords, or wires. Simply microwave and apply to enjoy immediate relief. Did you know that there is also a difference in the therapeutic value of dry heat from electric heating pads compared to that of moist heat? In this article we will compare the differences between electric and non-electric heating pads.

Dry Heat vs. Moist Heat

Electric heating pads produce a “dry heat”. Dry heat actually absorbs moisture from the skin, which can contribute to discomfort, and traditional electric heating pads run can actually burn your skin. Cords and plugs make traditional electric heating pads even more cumbersome. Moist heat therapy products are specifically designed to deliver heat at a consistent, medically safe temperature, offering an effective, natural pain relief solution without the dangers associated with traditional electric heating pads.

Moist Heat Therapy: How Does it Work?

Moist heat therapy products offer a natural alternative to traditional dry heating pads. Application of a moist heat therapy product helps relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow to the area of application. The heat widens, or dilates, blood vessels to reduce muscle spasms and stimulate healthy blood circulation. It is this increase in circulation that offers natural pain relief by delivering fresh oxygen, proteins, and other nutrients to the area in pain.

Take a Targeted Treatment Approach

Thermalon offers a variety of moist heat therapy products so you can target your treatment wherever you hurt.. Relieve joint pain from arthritis with our Moist Heat Sleeves or Carpal Cuff. Sooth low back pain with our Back Wrap who’s comfortable, wearable strap allows for flexible movement during treatment. Ease shoulder and neck pain with the Neck Wrap. Thermalon’s moist heat therapy products are the perfect replacement for your traditional electric heating pad. Enjoy therapeutic relief without the risk of burns or hassle of cords and plugs.

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