The Benefits Of Walking

Did you know walking is one of the best forms of exercising for seniors? This is because walking is easy on the joints, resulting in a low risk of injury. Walking just 10 minutes per day can bring a host of health benefits that are both physical and mental. Start walking today to increase your quality of life.

Walking is just as effective as running and easier to stick with. 

Can you believe that walking is more effective than running? Those who participate in walking or running can burn up to the same amount of calories, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Walking is also easier to stick with than running because it is less intense of an activity. Don’t wait to start walking. Grab your friend or spouse and try walking at least one mile today!

Walking prevents weight problems. 

Walking is the perfect exercise to help someone manage their weight. Walking one hour per day can cut the risks of 32 obesity-promoting genes in half. Additionally, walking reduces cravings for sugary foods like soda, cookies and cake.

Walking promotes social engagement. 

Walking is the perfect way to get social and promote relationships. Don’t be afraid to meet up with a friend or join a walking group if you start to feel lonely on your daily walk. You will meet create friendships through a new activity.

Walking boosts your immune system. 

Walking can help you prevent the risk of day-to-day illnesses. Those who regularly walk get sick less frequently and for shorter periods of time than those who don’t. Studies show people who walk 20 minutes per day for five days per week take 43 percent fewer sick days than those who don’t exercise.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get up and moving because the health benefits are endless. And don’t worry, if you overdo it or need a little post walk pain relief, Thermalon products can provide relief.

Happy walking!

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