testimonial-face-placeholder-01 I work long hours and my eyes get tired and dry. I use the compress just after I wake and again before bed to help maintain moisture in my eyes. It really helps!
My doctor recommended moist heat for my wife's neck and back pain. We have been so pleased with our Thermalon product! The moisture is soothing and we don't have to worry about using a dangerous electric moist heating pad any more. We are telling all of our friends to try them!
I woke up with a terrible sinus headache today. I took Tylenol but it did not help. At lunch I heated up the Thermalon Sinus Mask and the pain immediately went away. I assumed it would come right back, but several hours later and I am still pain free! Thermalon really works!
Would never expect an easy to use product to work so well, but this one does. If you’re looking for a fast acting, natural dry eye solution, this is it.
I just received my shipment and I just wanted to tell you that I love your products. I bought a back heat therapy at Walgreens and I love it. I ordered the sinus therapy online and I love it. I am going to Walgreens today and purchase the neck therapy.
My optometrist recommended this for my dry eye condition caused by a medication I am taking. My eyes feel refreshed after just a few minutes. I love it!