Eye Relief

The Thermalon Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress offers safe, effective relief for your dry, irritated, itchy eyes and styes.

Chronic Pain Relief

Moist heat therapy has been used for chronic pain relief in hospitals and clinics for years, and now you can too.

Acute Pain Relief

Thermalon offers a variety of cold therapy products that offer safe, immediate relief to inflamed tissue and more.


Refresh Dry Eyes

“I had been in the market for the best hot compress for your eyes for my husband. So I tried the dry eye moist heat compress since he has dry, itchy eyes. It is so easy to use, soothing to his eyes and he is religiously using it! I bought two so I could wash/dry one while he uses the other.”


Soothe Chronic Pain

“My doctor recommended moist heat for my wife’s back pain. We have been so pleased with our Thermalon pain relief products! The moisture is soothing and we don’t have to worry about using a dangerous electric moist heating pad any more. We are telling all of our friends to try them!”


Relieve Acute Pain

“My husband and I really like this heat & cold compress. I use the moist heat on my should/neck area and it helps relieve the chronic pain. My husband uses the cold to help relieve aching/swelling in his knees & ankles. Thanks for offering this product. I’ll probably be ordering another one soon.”


Hydrate for body and eyes

“We all hear about how much water we should drink, to keep hydrated. After having a hard time keeping up, I started adding The Dry Eye Drink to my bottled water. Now, I’m making the most of the water I drink, with anti-inflammatories, vitamins and electrolytes, but without the sugar.”

More than 50 million Americans suffer from the symptoms of dry eye. If you have dry eye, watch this short video and find out what you can do.

See What Thermalon Customers Are Saying
January 4, 2024
Does the job Helps with treatment of dry eyes. After heating in 1000 watt microwave on high for ~ 35 seconds, heat when applied to eyes initially fairly toasty and a reasonable level of warmth lasts ~ 5-6 minutes. I alternate the use of two of these for longer periods of application. Wash well in ordinary washer - dryer with whites.
January 3, 2024
Quick efficient service All good
January 2, 2024
Simple and works Great treatment for my dry eyes. Some of these masks have added a lot of features, but this simple one meets my needs well. Easy to use, retains heat, soothes eyes.
Amazon Customer
December 30, 2023
Well made product. Product is well made, easy to use and affordable.
walking tall
December 29, 2023
Recommended by optometrist My one eye kept tearing up. I thought it wasAllergies, but my doctor thought we needed to get my tear ducts strengthened up. He gave me a med and some meds and told me to get this mask. So I take 1 pill a day, do drops 3x a day and use the mask. To use the mask, put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then wear it for 5-6 minutes. The mask is filled with some little balls like maybe pumic (?). It ‘s a little heavy but so far my eye has stopped tearing!
Debbie C.
December 28, 2023
Soothing for dry eyes My Dr. recommended a warm compress for dry eyes. A nice mini spa like treatment!
Botanizing Cathy
December 24, 2023
it works! Husband has very dry eyes. This is very helpful and convenient.
December 18, 2023
Meets web description Easy to use, works well.

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