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Thermalon Dry Eye Compress Hydrates Dry, Itchy Eyes Spring is here! With green grass and longer days the burden of seasonal allergies also looms. For seasonal allergy suffers, the changing seasons can be tough on the eyes. Seasonal allergies can cause symptoms congruent with those of dry eye disease

How to Set and Meet Fitness Goals for the New Year

It’s as much a ritual as counting down the end of one year and welcoming in the new: making resolutions. You’re probably familiar with: “I will save more money” “I will keep up with my friends better” “I will eat healthier” “I will get myself (back) into shape” “I will lose wei

The Benefits Of Walking

Did you know walking is one of the best forms of exercising for seniors? This is because walking is easy on the joints, resulting in a low risk of injury. Walking just 10 minutes per day can bring a host of health benefits that are both physical and mental. Start walking today to increase your quali

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