Because You Deserve to Live Pain Free

We are all familiar with the debilitating affects of pain on our daily routines, from dealing with the unavoidable bumps and scrapes of daily life, to substantial life events like broken bones and surgeries. More than 100 million Americans have their daily lives impacted by chronic pain, not to mention the occurrence of these routine acute injuries.

Our Vision

At Thermalon we believe that no one should have their favorite activities compromised by pain. Our complete line of thermal pain management products provide safe, effective and convenient at-home solutions to help you overcome chronic or acute pain and get back to the hobbies and activities that you love.

Our Mission

Thermalon products were created more than thirty years ago to provide consistent and effective pain relief. For decades the pain management industry has been largely dominated by medicinal solutions. At Thermalon we set out to create a natural, safe and effective solution.

30 Years Advancing Pain Management

We at Thermalon have spent decades developing the patented Hydro Pearl technology inside our Moist Heat Therapy products and the Advanced Pad technology inside our Cold Therapy products. We strive to offer the most cutting edge pain management solutions available to consumers.

Thermalon’s Moist Heat and Cold Therapy products were meticulously designed to be soft and comfortable against the skin and to deliver consistent and effective thermal therapy. We promote a healthier environment by making all of our pads, wraps and sleeves washable and reusable to reduce waste.

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