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Moist Heat Therapy

  1. How are Thermalon products made?

    Through a patent pending process, selected natural materials are formed into highly durable and uniform spheres called Hydro Pearl™. A secondary process permanently infuses the beads with a natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent. The beads are then sewn into unique designs, using proprietary materials, to conform to specific parts of the body.

  2. Are Thermalon moist heat products non-toxic?

    Yes. They are made of all natural materials that are non-allergenic.

  3. Do you need to add water to Thermalon wraps to achieve moist heat?

    No. The Hydro Pearl™ beads in Thermalon products naturally and continuously absorb water molecules from the atmosphere. When microwaved they give up the stored moisture in the form of a clean, deeply penetrating and soothing moist heat.

  4. Why is moist heat preferred over dry heat?

    Moist heat is recommended because of its ability to penetrate deeply and more quickly at lower temperatures than dry heat.

  5. Why is Thermalon moist heat cleaner and safer than heated grains, pellets, and herbs used in other microwave moist heat products?

    Thermalon does not absorb body oils, perspiration and other foreign substances, and they do not dry out or disintegrate. This prevents potentially dangerous “hot spots” from forming in the pad. A permanent natural anti-microbial agent in Thermalon inhibits odors, mildew, dry rot and bacteria buildup. This results in clean and odorless moist heat. This is particularly important to the effectiveness of our eye compress for treating blepharistis, styes, pink eye, and dry eye.

  6. Can microwave liquid gel packs deliver moist heat?

    No. All gel packs are sealed in plastic and can only produce a dry heat. If water is added with a cover or towel to create moist heat, the steam produced may be trapped against the body, causing burns. Gel packs can not safely deliver heat therapy and when microwaved they can cause burns and/or tissue damage.

  7. Why is Thermalon safer than liquid gel packs?
    • Gel pack will continue getting hotter after removal from microwave. This can cause serious burns.
    • Gel pack will explode or rupture if overheated. This can result in burns and scalding.
    • Gel pack must not be applied directly to the skin. Misuse can cause burns.
  8. Why are Thermalon wraps easier to use than other heat products?

    Thermalon Wraps are made of soft materials and come in unique shapes and designs for use on specific areas of the body. They are easy to apply, fit snugly, and stay in place so you can remain active.

  9. Do Thermalon wraps require any preparation or special covers before using?

    No. Thermalon can be applied directly from the microwave without the need for covers, elastic straps, wraps or towels. No boiling water, electric cords or additional accessories or products are needed. Just microwave and apply.

  10. How long do Thermalon wraps stay hot?

    Thermalon delivers therapeutic moist heat therapy for up to thirty minutes. This is the treatment time recommended by medical professionals. Application of heat at therapeutic levels beyond thirty minutes is not advised.

  11. Can Thermalon products be washed?

    Yes. Thermalon Wraps can be washed without effecting product performance. (Hand washing with a mild detergent and air-drying for twenty-four hours is recommended).

  12. Why are Thermalon wraps more economical to use than other heat products?

    Thermalon Wraps are highly durable and will not, wear out, disintegrate or dry out. Used properly you can enjoy Thermalon pain relieving treatments for years.

  13. How do Thermalon wraps compare to the disposable heat “patches” being advertised?

    Continuous low-level dry heat has been around for years. It is the same iron oxidizing technology used in Hand Warmers. Dry heat applied directly to the body for eight hours has not been proven to be more or less effective than a single thirty-minute moist heat treatment. Some materials in disposable heat wraps are toxic if swallowed and can cause irritation and burns when held against the skin for hours. In addition to safety, the economics of using a disposable patch every day versus the proven pain relief of a Thermalon Moist Heat Wrap treatment anytime are compelling.

  14. Can Thermalon products be used for cold therapy?

    Yes, Place your Thermalon product in the freezer overnight and apply as needed. Because Thermalon products deliver a soothing cold they provide a more comfortable, drier and less messy therapy than ice or gel packs. Return the product to the freezer for 3 to 4 hours before reuse.

Cold Therapy

  1. Can Thermalon cold therapy pads be easily cleaned?

    Yes, the pads may be disinfected. They are made of durable materials and the surface of the PAD is non-absorbent.

  2. Are Thermalon cold therapy pads like liquid gel packs?

    No. Thermalon Pads are not liquid packs but rather a soft, conforming PAD. Unlike plastic gel packs, they will not “saddle bag”, bottom out, bunch up, or burst. This assures reliable conformance for effective, yet comfortable treatment.

  3. Can Thermalon cold therapy pads be applied directly to the skin?

    Yes. The material used to cover the PADS is not plastic, but a specially chosen polyester/urethane material that allows direct application to the skin — right from the freezer.

  4. How long will Thermalon cold therapy pads stay cold?

    When used as directed, Thermalon Pads are designed to provide a medically recommended twenty to thirty-minute treatment session.

  5. How are Thermalon cold therapy pads held in place during therapy?

    Soft durable wraps with adjustable fasteners are available. Wraps assure complete conformance to and protection of treated area. Once applied the wrap will stay securely in place and allow normal activities to continue during treatment. The wraps washable.

  6. Can I use the Thermalon cold therapy pads for heat therapy as well?

    Yes, these pads are designed for use both in the freezer for cold therapy and in the microwave for dry heat therapy.


  1. Why does HTA work best when used with a moist heat treatment?

    HTA is formulated with all-natural ingredients chosen to treat the causes of pain rather than simply masking them. When HTA is applied in conjunction with heat, its ingredients penetrate quickly and go to work immediately to deliver long lasting relief directly to the site of pain.

  2. Why can’t I use moist heat with other pain relief creams, ointments, liniments and patches?

    Most pain relieving creams and ointments available in drug stores contain menthol, camphor, capsaicin and/or methyl salicylates as active ingredients. These are counter-irritants that work by covering or masking the pain. Heat applied to these ingredients can result in serious chemical burns. Always read warning labels on topical pain relievers before use.

  3. Will HTA interfere with my prescription medications?

    No. There are no contra-indications for HTA.

  4. Will HTA dry out my skin?

    No. HTA has ingredients that moisturize and condition skin with each treatment. There are no harsh chemicals or alcohol in HTA so your skin will stay soft and supple.

  5. Why would an HTA and moist heat pain relief treatment be preferred over taking pain pills?

    The HTA treatment is applied directly to the site of pain so relief can begin immediately. Pain pills take longer to act since they must first dissolve and pass through the body to reach the source of pain. Oral analgesics can also have undesirable internal side effects and may not be compatible with other prescribed medications.

  6. Does HTA leave any odor?

    No. It is completely odorless. Many topical pain relievers have offensive pervasive and enduring odors.

  7. Can HTA stain clothes or bed linens?

    No. HTA is stainless.

  8. Is HTA easy to apply?

    Yes, HTA comes in an easy to use spray bottle. There is no greasy feel or mess to clean up.

  9. What is moist heat?

    Moist heat is a natural soothing treatment that offers immediate relief for all of your chronic pain irritants. It soothes without the potential of burns by offering consistent moist heat therapy evenly without hot spots. Moist heat penetrates more deeply than dry heat, to relax tight muscles and joint pain. Not only will the heat soothe you but will increase circulation that will help cleanse your body of the chemicals that cause pain.

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