Thermalon Natural Pain Relief

A New Generation Of Pain Relievers

THERMALON Microwave Activated Moist Heat Wraps are the first new heat therapy products to deliver immediate relief and meet the criteria of an Ideal Analgesic Modality.

Immediate Temporary Pain Relief
Because THERMALON Wraps are ready for use in a just a minute and are applied directly to the painful area, relief begins immediately. The wraps continue to deliver soothing moist heat therapy for up to thirty minutes. This is the medically recommended treatment time for heat therapy within a three to four hour period. THERMALON can be used again every three hours or as necessary.

Clean & Odor Free
Through a patent pending process, THERMALON continuously recharge by absorbing only water molecules from the air. Adding water is not necessary. The absorbed water is held, purified and released as “clean moist heat” whenever the THERMALON Wrap is microwaved. The result is an odor and bacteria free wrap. THERMALON are washable, so no special covers are needed.

When removed from the microwave, the temperature of THERMALON Wrap will not increase. This prevents inadvertent burns, which result from the continued temperature increase (“cooking”) prevalent in all gel packs. Microwave activation eliminates potentially dangerous use of boiling water, electricity or ovens. THERMALON are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This is highly important to consider when you begin your search for hot eye compresses. Make sure that they temperature safe!

Easy to Use and Portable
Unique THERMALON wrap designs offer excellent conformance to body contours while allowing full mobility during treatment. This portability enhances range of motion exercises and permits therapy to continue while on the go. Natural hydration eliminates messy soaking of sponges, cloths or towels.

THERMALON Wraps are an excellent value. They are well constructed of specially chosen materials and, with proper use, will give many years of service.

Criteria for the Ideal Analgesic Modality
Scott F. Nadler, DO Multidisciplinary Management of Musculoskeletal and Menstrual Pain Table 2, 2002.

� Does not require injection or any other invasive method that might produce tissue injury.
� Is free of interactions with current medication regimens.
� Is free of addiction potential.
� Is free of contraindications.
� Is free of aesthetic problems (e.g., odor, greasy topical consistency) that affect compliance.
� Have no systemic effects, such as respiratory depression or infection with external devices.
� Is available in a form, which minimizes the opportunity for a child to accidentally consume or be injured by the product.
� Is portable.
� Does not cause dermatological problems such as contact dermatitis.
� Possesses minimal risk to user.

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