Thermalon help cancer

Alternative Pain Management Products For Cancer Patients

Why not enlist every possible weapon in the battle against cancer pain?

Effective pain management is an important factor in the quality of life for a cancer patient. If chronic pain is successfully managed, or suffering can be eased, the patient will be more likely to have the will and the strength to successfully complete their other medical regimens. Alternative pain management treatments can’t cure cancer but they can provide temporary relief from its symptoms. Chronic pain relief is extremely important and can directly affect the quality of life and ability to move forward toward recovery.

Although drug therapy is the mainstay of cancer treatments, alternative pain management with thermal analgesics can greatly ease pain whether it results from the side effects of treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy or surgery or from the actual cancer itself. Consider a thermal analgesic such as a Thermalon Moist Heat treatment as a method of natural pain management. These easy-to-use microwave-activated moist heat products give patients some control over pain … and they can do so with less dependence on systemic drugs. OR they can do so with one less pill to take?

Thermalon Moist Heat wraps and pads provide important therapeutic value giving the cancer patient one more analgesic tool for natural pain management. Thermalon Moist Heat is safe and easy to administer during and post-cancer treatment and can be used again and again. Thermalon provides therapeutic moist heat which penetrates deeper than dry heat to increase circulation, reduce radiation-induced inflammation and to flush away pain causing toxins. A Thermalon Moist Heat treatment provides hours of natural pain relief after just a 20 to 30 minute application. Simply microwave and apply for fast acting relief.

Treatment with thermal analgesics often markedly improves a patient’s ability to undergo necessary invasive treatments and helps them to remain active through their treatments. Most cancer centers will have a pain clinic where patients can meet with a pain specialist to address their individual concerns.

To learn more about the complete line of THERMALON natural pain relief products visit www.thermalon.com/products.

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