Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Cold Therapy For Joint And Muscle Natural Pain Relief

In many cases of chronic pain, moist heat therapy offers natural pain relief for joints and muscles. But there are circumstances when heat can actually make an injury worse. Heat is best for chronic or old injuries that have no inflammation since they respond to heat by relaxing and making tissues more flexible while stimulating blood flow.

However, cold therapy is one of the simplest, safest, and most effective techniques for acute injury, pain, or discomfort in muscles and joints. After an injury, cold therapy can serve as natural pain relief for joints and muscles by decreasing pain and inflammation, and speeding up recovery time.

Cold therapy is most commonly used for new injuries. Within the first 72 hours, tissue damage can cause uncontrolled swelling which can increase damage and delay healing time. Using cold therapy as natural joint and muscle pain relief causes blood vessels to contract, reducing bleeding and diminishing the accumulation of fluids which means less pain. While ice therapy is most widely used for new injuries, ice can also be helpful for managing chronic injuries and as a preventative measure following activities or exercise.

ThermalOn Cold/Heat Therapy Pads are ideal for any type of cold therapy due to their ability to offer a consistent and uniform application of cold. Unlike plastic gel packs, ThermalOn pads are soft and conforming (even when frozen), are easy to use and non-toxic. And with ThermalOn’s proprietary fabric, you do not have to worry about the “sweat” associated with gel and ice packs getting your clothes or skin wet. And for those times when heat therapy is more suitable for natural muscle and joint pain relief, simply put your ThermalOn pad in the microwave.

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