Healthy Eyes While You Travel

Have Healthy Eyes While You Travel

Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Hydrated While You’re On The Go

Our eyes are extremely sensitive to our environments. Frequent travelers or individuals suffering from Chronic Dry Eye Disease may notice their eyes getting dry, tired, red and itchy while they travel. It’s likely that you’re moving in and out of environments using recycled air, like automobiles and planes, or even heading to drier climates altogether. Reading in poor light, Sleep deprivation, or excessively looking at bright digital screens can all cause further strain on your eyes. In this article we are going to discuss ways that you can use the Thermalon Eye Compress to keep your eyes healthy and hydrated while you travel.

What Causes Our Eyes to Feel Dry?

When our eyes are functioning normally they release a natural oil that helps keep the tear film from evaporating. This keeps your eyes feeling healthy and hydrated. Environmental factors, activities that cause eye strain, and Dry Eye Disease can all contribute to a fast tear evaporation rate, causing an uncomfortable increase in your blink rate and making your eyes to feel dry and irritated. In order to prevent this feeling, must restore our eyes natural oils to stabilize the tear film and reduce rapid evaporation.

Moist Heat Rehydrates Eyes

An application of Moist heat therapy works to replenish the natural oils in our eyes, decreasing rapid tear evaporation, and alleviating the symptoms of dry eye.Thermalon Moist Heat Therapy products use our patented HydroPearls technology to absorb moisture from the air and deliver satisfying moist heat without the water or wires. The microwave-activated Thermalon Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress is soothing, convenient to pack, washable and reusable. Add this warm eye compress to your packing list to keep your eyes healthy on your next trip.

Convenient and Easy to Use Solution

The Thermalon Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress is smaller than a pair of socks in your suitcase, but can provide endless hours of relief from dry, itchy eyes. After 20-30 seconds in the microwave the Thermalon Eye Compress is ready to work. Simply relax and apply the mask over your eyes for up to ten minutes of deep penetrating moist heat. The patented HydroPearls technology helps your eye naturally release more lipid oil to and reduce tear evaporation. Use the Thermalon Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress in the morning before you travel to reduce discomfort on airplanes and in automobiles. Warm up your eye compress again in the evening from the comfort of your accommodations for another soothing session of eye hydration.

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