Natural Joint Pain Relief

Moist Heat – Natural Joint Pain Relief

If you have chronic pain and are looking for a way to keep from taking a lot of pills or undergoing joint surgery, you have several viable alternatives. One effective and popular natural joint pain relief method is an application of moist heat. With Microwavable Thermalon Moist Heat Wraps natural joint pain relief is more accessible for those suffering from joint pain who seek a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical remedy for their pain. In addition to being an all-natural pain reliever, there are other significant benefits to heat therapy. Heat therapy is relatively inexpensive, easy to use and provides fast acting temporary relief for sore, achy joints.

An application of moist heat on the wrist, ankle, knee or hip joint can provide better mobility and range of motion from the affected joint. To access the effectiveness of moist heat, an application at least twice a day is recommended. Heat dilates blood vessels and increases circulation to the muscles surrounding the affected joint. Moist Heat increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the sore joint and helps to heal and soothe damaged tissue. Moist heat is more effective than dry heat because it penetrates more deeply at lower temperatures. Moist Heat decreases joint stiffness in tendons and ligaments, provides natural joint pain relief and reduces muscle spasms.

Joints are made up of cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bursas. Any of these components can become irritated and inflamed due to a variety of mild to serious diseases, injuries, disorders or conditions. Joint pain is often debilitating, whether it results from chronic pain from Osteoarthritis or from more acute pain such as a muscle sprains or strains. Safe, alternative and natural joint pain relief is vital to treating common symptoms and gives joint pain sufferers another option to systemic drug usage.

Symptoms of joint pain affecting the quality of life for the sufferer range from moderate to severe and can include the inability to put weight on the affected joint, reduced mobility, stiffness and swelling. Joint pain is commonly severe enough to limit movement and greatly reduces functional capability, resulting in decreased participation in activities at home or work and in leisure time activities.

Applications of moist heat can aid in the prevention and treatment of debilitating joint symptoms by allowing for more physical activity. Moist heat is effective in providing natural joint pain relief, empowering those with joint pain to take simple steps to lessen the limitations to their daily activity. ThermalOn moist heat can help relieve common morning joint stiffness, significantly reduce the intensity of pain and aid in the prevention of sports or activity related injuries. A moist heat application before exercise helps to maintain joint motion, and warming the joints with a moist heat wrap before exercise allows for more flexibility. The combination of moist heat along with exercise is one of the most effective home-based treatments for natural joint pain relief. If you suffer from joint pain or other pain it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen or pain relief treatment.

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