Natural Pain Relief Options

in Acute Pain Relief, Chronic Pain Relief

News about the possible dangers of pain medications has prompted consumers to seek out natural pain relief alternatives. Studies have shown that heat wraps are one viable alternative and may be even more effective than over-the-counter drugs at reducing minor aches and pains. The key is finding one that is effective, convenient and economical enough for daily use.

How does moist heat therapy offer natural pain relief?

Research has shown that heat affects certain nerve endings responsible for sending signals that block pain sensations. Additionally, heat relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to ease pain. So while heat therapy is effective, finding a real-world application that will work with your lifestyle and your wallet can be difficult.

Traditionally, electric heating pads have been the primary source for heat therapy. However, they limit mobility as well as pose the risk of burns, fires, and electric shocks. Another well known option is disposable eight hour products that contain iron and produce low-level heat when exposed to air. While safe, these products only cover small areas and can only be used once and are therefore extremely expensive – especially for those with chronic pain.

There are also several types of reusable wraps that contain gel or beads. However, bacterial growth can be a concern for products containing grains and organic materials. Lastly, there are many types of disposable patches that contain capsaicin or menthol. While these products produce a sense of warmth, they do not actually heat the skin. Actually we would call these “counter-irritants”. They do not work to improve the condition they simply take your mind off the pain.

ThermalOn is a leading product on the market that addresses all of these concerns. ThemalOn provides the natural pain relief of moist heat in a long-lasting, reusable, portable, and affordable wrap. Once heated in the microwave, a ThermalOn wrap produces up to 30 minutes of moist heat at the temperature a doctor would recommend for therapy. ThermalOn can be washed and reused … with proper care, it will last for years. Plus, the patent-pending beads in ThermalOn products absorbs moisture from the air, so you never need to add water. Unlike grain and herbal products, ThermalOn does not support bacteria or fungi. And perhaps most importantly, ThermalOn works with your active lifestyle and will not drain your wallet.

As with any product, you should consult your doctor before beginning a moist heat regime for natural pain relief. And remember, the pain relieving effects of ThermalOn will continue after you remove the wrap, so continuous wear isn’t necessary.

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